Namirial Unveils Revolutionary AI Features in eSignAnyWhere for Seamless Contract Signing Processes

MILAN, April 10, 2024 – Namirial, a global leader in digital signature and trust solutions, is proud to announce the integration of cutting-edge Generative AI Features into eSignAnyWhere, its flagship e-signature platform. These innovative AI functionalities are poised to redefine remote contract signing experiences for users worldwide. 

eSignAnyWhere has established itself as the premier e-signing platform, boasting a remarkable track record with over 1 billion transactions executed in the past decade. Trusted by over 1.000 organizations across 85 countries and available in 27 languages, eSignAnyWhere supports all types of legally binding signatures, offering unparalleled flexibility and convenience. Whether utilized with qualified electronic certificates from Namirial or other Qualified Trust Service Providers (QTSPs), eSignAnyWhere delivers secure and efficient signing capabilities. 

The introduction of Generative AI enablement marks a significant milestone in enhancing user experiences within eSignAnyWhere. This advancement comprises two key features: 

Summarization: Users can now leverage an AI-powered summarization tool, accessible via a dedicated button within the document envelope. Upon activation, the tool provides a concise summary of the document’s contents through bullet points, enabling signers to quickly grasp the essential information. Signers retain the option to proceed directly to the signing process or delve deeper into the document’s details. 

Intelligent Assistant: An AI-driven Assistant, integrated into the envelope interface, offers real-time assistance to signers by addressing queries related to the document content using the signer’s languaged regardless the document language. 

These revolutionary features transcend language barriers and cater to diverse use cases, ranging from Internal/B2B scenarios to B2C interactions. Whether acting as a virtual assistant in summarizing documents and answering queries or facilitating remote signature processes, the AI functionalities within eSignAnyWhere revolutionize the signing experience, empowering users with even more efficiency, clarity, and confidence in their digital transactions. The tangible benefits of these enhancements yield substantial results: 

  • Enhanced Conversions: With instant translations and summarization, complex contract understanding becomes seamless. This expedites processes, enabling users to sign and finalize contracts in a reduced time. 
  • Optimized User Experience: Users benefit from time-saving summaries of contracts and streamlined access to critical clauses. Delving into sensitive areas is now effortless, reducing the need to read the entire document. 
  • Reduced Disputes: A deep comprehension of contract content leads to a decrease in disputes. Thanks to the integrated Intelligent Assistant, users can address any concerns before finalizing agreements, mitigating potential conflicts. 

Namirial, as a qualified Trust Service Provider, prioritizes customer and user privacy, exemplified through stringent data security measures and transparent practices. Namirial emphasizes clarity and compliance, e.g. by informing users that the integration of AI-driven features in eSignAnyWhere is a non-legally binding summary generation. All subsequent actions, such as signing, exclusively relate to the original documents, ensuring legal validity. Hosting the Generative AI model on EU servers reinforces Namirial’s commitment to data protection regulations. Importantly, customer documents remain separate from training data, preserving confidentiality. Through clear disclosure and proactive measures, Namirial empowers users while safeguarding their data within eSignAnyWhere’s secure framework. 

“Generative AI is revolutionizing contract subscription processes, enabling companies to automate and streamline workflow. This technology offers unparalleled ability to interact with the signer and to summarize documents efficiently and accurately, significantly reducing review times and associated costs” commented Jim Lundy, founder and CEO of Aragon Research. “Organizations embracing this innovation can gain a significant competitive advantage, enhancing the accuracy, consistency, and efficiency of their contractual operations.” 

“Namirial has been investing in Generative AI for a long time, recognizing since the beginning its profound potential impact on our business” remarked Max Pellegrini, Namirial’s CEO. “eSignAnyWhere’s integration of Generative AI is just the inaugural product in a series of innovations that will shape Namirial into an AI-powered Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP). These game-changing features represent a significant leap forward in our mission to streamline contract signing processes. By harnessing the power of Generative AI, we are not merely enhancing contract signing experiences; we are fundamentally redefining them, making complex workflows simpler and more efficient for our users.” 

Currently available for selected customers, these AI features underscore Namirial’s commitment to innovation and excellence in digital trust solutions. 

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