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Meet Namirial at Future-Law Digital E-Signature Day 2022

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Future-Law’s “E-Signature Day” is addressing stakeholders in the legal, human resources and sales departments in enterprises and public administration on how they can use electronic signatures or how to further optimize and expand their applications.

In a series of sessions, lawyers, providers and users will provide information on how to quickly and easily 

sign without paper. This involves numerous practical questions in detail.

In 2022, the e-signature tag will focus on the following topics,  » Read more about: Meet Namirial at Future-Law Digital E-Signature Day 2022  »

Meet Namirial at Bitkom eIDAS Summit 2022

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The Bitkom eIDAS Summit is one of the most important conferences on practical use of trust services in the private sector and public administration in accordance with EU Regulation 910/2014 on electronic identification and trust services – eIDAS

The 2021 edition brought together more than 1000 active participants. The 2022 edition is expected to set another record in attendance. 

In June 2021, the European Commission presented its proposal for a far-reaching revision of the eIDAS Regulation.  » Read more about: Meet Namirial at Bitkom eIDAS Summit 2022  »

Namirial Online Partner Campus 2022 – Session Day 2

By invitation only

Namirial is inviting its business partners for another session package of our unique Namirial Online Partner Campus sessions for growing their knowledge in business development, sales and integration.

Sessions on May 4 will be covering again some of the latest trends in digital trust services adoption and we will be looking into some additional technical integration aspects.  

Individual invitations with detailed information on session content and how to register will be sent to Namirial partners via email in March.  » Read more about: Namirial Online Partner Campus 2022 – Session Day 2  »

Meet Namirial at EAFS Conference 2022

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The European Academy of Forensic Science (EAFS) Conference, organized by the Swedish National Forensic Centre (NFC), is the triennial open public event of the European Network of Forensic Science Institutes (ENFSI). In 2022 it is the biggest European Forensic Science Event. 800 to 1000 members of the international forensic community are expected to meet the 9th edition of EAFS conference in Stockholm. 

Hence the European Network of Forensic Handwriting Experts (ENFHEX) is one of the 17 expert working groups within ENFSI the conference will cover multiple aspects of the Forensic Handwriting Examination.  » Read more about: Meet Namirial at EAFS Conference 2022  »

Ambienta’s platform company Namirial completes the acquisition of Evicertia

Evicertia will enhance Namirial’s product portfolio, increase the eIDAS qualified services available, and consolidate its position on the Iberian Peninsula and in Latin America

Namirial almost doubled in revenues in 3 years, thanks to strong organic growth and international M&A strategy

Ambienta completes its first acquisition in Spain

(MILAN /  LONDON / PARIS / MUNICH) – February 1, 2022 – Ambienta SGR S.p.A. (“Ambienta”), one of Europe’s largest asset managers entirely focused on environmental sustainability, is pleased to announce that its platform company Namirial S.p.A.  » Read more about: Ambienta’s platform company Namirial completes the acquisition of Evicertia  »

State of play on adoption of Digital Identity in Italy

Highlights of the 2021 research of Digital Identity Observatory at Politecnico di Milano on adoption of digital identity under Public Digital Identity System (Sistema Pubblico di Identità Digitale, SPID), the Italian system enabling citizens and businesses accessing public administration services online.

Meet Namirial at Codemotion Tech Conference 2021

Codemotion Tech Conference 2021 – November 9-10-11 – Online – Meet Namirial at the Codemotion Conference. This event will be a unique exchange opportunities between IT talents and Namirial, a worldwide leading supplier in trusted software and services to automate and digitally transform business processes

Meet Namirial at JobRouter Digital Conference

JobRouter Digital Conference 2021 – Nov 18 & 19 – Online – Meet the Namirial team the annual key event for JobRouter users to learn about JobRouter Sign powered by Namirial and discuss integration of electronic signature into your processes