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Namirial Online Partner Campus 2021 – Session Day 1

January 20, 2021

🌐 Online - By invitation only

Namirial is inviting its business partners for another session package of our unique Namirial Online Partner Campus sessions for growing their knowledge in business development, sales and integration.

We will be starting into 2021 with a series of initiatives to deliver our promise of „The Best is yet to come“. The sessions will be covering a wide range of good news for Namirial partners.  

Digital Trust Services for identification, authentication and proof of origin and intent will continue to be in very high demand in 2021. Namirial solutions are designed to fulfil global requirements and we continue to invest in offering more trust services becoming accredited for multinational use. We will be looking into mastering the challenges of localizing trust services beyond our Italian home turf. Despite EU Regulation 910/2014 eIDAS many national regulations need to be considered governing major use cases and impacting digital process orchestration.  Today, we are looking into some examples of how to comply with such regulations. 

Individual invitations with detailed information on session content and how to register were sent to Namirial partners via email in December 2020.
If you are missing your personal invitation please get in touch with your respective Namirial partnership manager.

f you are interested in becoming a Namirial partner contact Namirial


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