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Meet Namirial at Future-Law Digital E-Signature Day 2021

April 14, 2021

🌐 Online

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Future-Law’s “E-Signature Day” is addressing stakeholders in the legal, human resources and sales departments in enterprises and public administration how they can use electronic signatures or how to further optimize and expand their applications.

In a series of sessions, lawyers, providers and users will provide information on how to quickly and easily
sign without paper. This involves numerous practical questions in detail.

2020 brought an enormous boom in the adoption of electronic signatures. Several organizations were up to some surprises along their road towards digitizing their signing processes. Not all of the many solutions meet the legal requirements in Austria. It often turned out that a particular e-signature solution can only be used in certain scenarios for a few applications, which resulted in isolated solutions in the organizations.

Klaus Fellner, Managing Director of Namirial Austria, has been supporting the introduction and optimization of the use of electronic signatures in companies in Austria and worldwide for over a decade. His customers include Allianz, Daimler and the Raiffeisen Group.

At Future-Law E-Signature Day 2021, Klaus Fellner will again share his expertise in the session “Electronic Signature – Customer & Compliance Happiness Check – is it even better?” – i.a. on the following topics:

  • Best possible user experience – including through white label solutions
  • Integration of the e-signature in existing process and system landscapes
  • Alternatives to cloud solutions – why on premises is better in some cases
  • Integration of identification verification procedures and digital identities
  • Simplify processes as much as possible without compromising their evidential value
  • Specific hints how to avoid isolated solutions or supplement and replace them

The Namirial team is also available for individual consultation during and after the event.

? Recording of the presentation from the last e-signature day in 2020
Presentation “Best Practices in Digital Signature in Austria – Userfriendly e-Signature delivering significant evidential weight” (in German language)

  • Rapid identification of requirements depending on the use case and signature scenarios
  • Answers to challenges posed by Covid-19
  • Design of the processes – as simple and as possible and as conclusive as necessary
  • Compliance with regulations with the best possible user experience
  • Supplier selection criteria if Namirial customers
  • The DNA of successful e-signature projects – knowing and avoiding typical stumbling blocks
  • Hints for your own ROI calculation – with results from practice

The organizer Future-Law is Austria’s leading independent platform for legal tech and digitization in the legal sector.

This event series is held in German language.

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