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Why becoming Namirials

Willing to make people’s life easier and contribute to build a greener world, while growing your talent? Stop your search: Namirial is the place to be for your talent to be revealed and boosted

We believe success relies on individuals working together in a challenging environment and we empower our teams to cooperate and contaminate each other by sharing creative solutions and brilliant ideas, in a continuous growing mode.

All our products and services, as well as our actions, aim to improve our customers’ business while reducing businesses’ environmental footprint.

We work hard, we let ourselves be carried away by a dynamic and constantly developing environment, we dream big of being an integral part of a digital transformation aimed at the dematerialisation of processes by pursuing greater environmental sustainability.

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We provide trusted & secure digital transactions and identification to our clients anytime, anywhere, guaranteeing speed, certainty and convenience through an innovative & excellent service platform.

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With our processes and technologies, we ensure the trustworthy digitization of processes in the private sector and public administration in more than 75 countries worldwide.

Digital Trust Services

Namirial Digital Trust Services for trusted Digital Transaction Management encompass solutions for Customer Onboarding, Agreement Automation, Signature Workflow Orchestration, Identification, Multi-Factor Authentication, Electronic Signature, Electronic Registered Delivery, Long-Term Archive and Electronic Invoice.

Vertical Software Solutions

Namirial Vertical Software Solutions, primarily serving customers in Italy, are encompassing solutions for Tax Management, Accounting Control, Management Control, Building and Construction, Human Resources including Payslip, IT Infrastructure and Cyber Defense.

Every line of code you create in Namirial will be a fundamental contribution to our digital transformation and product development.

Whether you are a software developer, analyst, DBA or QA, this is the place for you!

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Become part of our vibrant mix of experienced experts and young colleagues in one of our diverse international teams. Check out now how your skills and expertise are matching with our teams.

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We are proud of having the most innovative products in the digital transformation space, but we don’t plan to stop here. Do you like to be right in the middle of things when we break new ground with our customers in digitizing their processes and create new exciting services? Join our R&D team. Become part of our vibrant innovation force.




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IT & Infrastructure Security

Behind the scenes but on the front lines to ensure the infrastructure is maintained and the systems that support our critical business processes are functional and fully compliant. Do you enjoy digging into the details of what it takes for running secure and effective IT systems? Join our IT & Infrastructure Security team. Our stakeholders in business, development and other teams like to count on you to ensure our critical business processes and infrastructure are always fully operational and protected in the best way possible.  


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Customer Success

Our Customer Success team works daily as a partner to our customers to achieve the most challenging goals together. Do you like to make users happy as you can quickly help them to specify their issues, have some good technical understanding and find appropriate solutions? Join our customer success team with its unique “Challenge identified … and solved!” attitude




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Human Resources

We are passionate to inspire our people and taking care of their well-being. Do you like to empower Namirial as the best place to grow? Join our Human Resources team and you will be able to attract, develop, and retain incredible colleagues, delivering creative and inclusive projects.




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Our Finance team is an essential part of our success. We support internal and external client relationships by facilitating the rapid growth of our business while adhering to the principles that bind us together. Do you like to join the heart of our strategic business planning, and be responsible for running the accounting & financial activities of Namirial?




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Legal & Compliance

All our services & products are developed within a full legal validity framework, in line with the most advanced international standards. Do you like to have simplicity meeting compliance when interpreting regulations, laws and standards for customers, business partners and internal stakeholders? Join our Legal & Compliance team, securing, protecting and governing our services.


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The success of our customers is our success, and we strongly believe that digital transformation can contribute to its achievement. Do you like to sell or support trusted solutions in high demand based on great references? Join our sales team. Become a trusted advisor, guiding our customers in their digital transformation journey in roles like account executive, pre sales, inside sales and sales operations. 



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Our customers and partners are our strength, but we want our products to make life easier for a wider audience, reaching anyone. Do you like rethinking the way we communicate and sell, creating a functional user experience for each type of customer? Join our e-commerce team, contributing to the achievement of the business objectives of the company.

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One of our core values is Engaging Transparency because we communicate, communicate, communicate at all levels, internally and externally. Do you like to market very popular trusted products and services with clear key differentiators, many of them being certified for their compliance to legal and technical standards? Join our marketing team. Create compelling assets and efficient campaigns to attract even more desire for our solutions. Join our marketing team and be the face of our company and business.

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If you believe in our Namirial4Values then you are the perfect fit

Contagious Passion

We are problem solvers not problem makers

Entrepreneurial Core

We take initiatives, act with confidence,  proactiveness and autonomy towards objectives

Engaging Transparency

We constantly guarantee line of sight to share common vision, goals and results

Colourful Inclusivity

We openly embrace different opinions and point of views, avoiding judgments and blames

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Corporate culture matters

Life in Namirial

One of our top priorities is to make our employees feel important and valued

We strongly believe that our digital transformation starts with each of us!

That’s why we organize an annual internal Hackathon to collect ideas about new products or features! Think, Design,Present and make it hAPPen! Who knows if the next winner will be you?


We believe that your personal balance is the foundation of our balance as a Company!

That’s why we organize fit challenges and courses that reward our employees who lead the most active and healthy lifestyles.


NamirAgile is the way we work here: Your performance results are driven by objectives and not by the hour. You don’t need “clock in, clock out” to express your success, and you can make the best out of a flexible hybrid work approach.

Engaging Transparency
We believe in the importance of nurturing information and feeding people’s vision. 

We run TownHall 4 times a year to constantly exchange achievements, feedback, lessons learned and future action plans. We run eVoice (our engagement survey) once a year to collect directly from your company evaluation and improvement suggestions.


Continuous Learning
We believe in the importance of personal growth! That’s why we have adopted a training platform open to all employees that can guide in the path of professional achievement and development of individual skills. There’s no permission or approval process—you’re fully trusted to use the company’s resources efficiently.

Your career in Namirial

We love diversity and believe that this is our strength! 

Career options (all for f/m/d) within the teams of our colourful and inclusive Group

🇮🇹 Italy – Various locations

Find more details on our career page in Italian language, or on the Work With Us page of Bit4id.

🇦🇹 Austria – Ansfelden

🇩🇪 Germany – Herrenberg

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🇷🇴 Romania – Bucharest

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🇫🇷 France – Montpellier

Check Netheos’ Work With Us page for further opportunities

🇪🇸 Spain – Madrid

Check Evicertia’s Work With Us page for further opportunities

🇧🇷 Brasil – São Paulo

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