Our Values?

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Our Identity

Discover what makes our people passionate and successful, why we are unique and how we create exceptional values for people, clients and environment


Make people’ life easier, through trusted identifications and fully digitalised transactions contributing to build a paperless and carbonfree world.


Becoming a leading international player, by providing trusted & secure digital transactions and identification to our clients anytime, anywhere, guaranteeing speed, certainty and convenience through an innovative & excellent service platform.


Discover what is the beating heart of Namirial

Contagious Passion
  • We are enthusiastic & energetic
  • We are determined and resilient, maintaining a positive outlook
  • We are problem solvers not problem makers
  • We collaborate towards the final aim, continuously investing energy in finding different solutions
  • We encourage proposals from others
  • We are adapting and continuously improving
  • We are ready to react to new situations, tolerate uncertainty and seize opportunities
Entrepreneurial Core
  • We focus energy on what’s good for our business
  • We take initiatives, act with confidence,  proactiveness and autonomy towards objectives
  • We challenge the status quo and are ready to take risks
  • We take full responsibility for our actions, projects and outcomes
  • We take clear and fast decisions that could also imply difficult choices
  • We learn from all the experiences, even from the bad situations
  • We think out of the box proposing different solution when the usual one doesn’t work
Engaging Transparency
  • We communicate openly, honestly and effectively
  • We promote feedback culture 360°: upward, downward and laterally
  • We take Everyone’s opinions into consideration
  • We constantly guarantee line of sight to share common vision, goals and results
  • We develop & share transparent work processes & procedures
  • We share good and bad news (good news travel fast, bad news travel faster)
  • We celebrate our success
Colourful Inclusivity
  • We are respectful, open minded and honest with each other
  • We openly embrace different opinions and point of views, avoiding judgments and blames
  • We leverage on people ability & potentiality, regardless gender, skin colour, body type, orientations, etc.
  • We use a clear, understandable, non-biased language to include everyone
  • We develop an international mindset, respecting & valuing different customs and approaches
  • We encourage international synergy, network and collaboration