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September 20, 2022

Meet Namirial at TeleTrusT / VOI Signature Day 2022

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The annual information day “Electronic Signature and Trust Services” (abbreviated: Signature Day) of associations TeleTrusT and VOI has been showcasing the wide range of procedures and applications for electronic signing since 2010. It’s considered to be the most important event reflecting the state of esignature adoption in Germany.  

The Signature Day is uniquely bringing together representatives from business, research, administration and politics. Among them are mathematicians, computer scientists, lawyers, business economists and representatives of trade media. Participants are exchanging their views in a dialogue that is both critical and constructive, collecting impulses and suggestions for their respective work throughout the day.

This year’s information day will also be looking into legal and associated technical implications of  the European Commission’s proposal for a far-reaching revision of EU Regulation 910/2014 on electronic identification and trust services (eIDAS). Among other things, a legal framework is planned with which the member states are to make a wallet for digital identities available to citizens and companies from 2024 they can link their national digital identity with evidence of other personal attributes (e.g. driver’s license, diplomas, bank account, etc.). One of the goals is to achieve a neutral, cross-application ecosystem for the interaction of the providers of identification procedures and administrators of digital identities with the established trust services. Work on the technical details, standards and best practices for the provision of attributes and functionality of the wallet is in full swing. The trialogue for the revision of the eIDAS regulation is scheduled for autumn 2022. 

From recent Signature Days, PDF files of the following presentations of project reports on the integration of Namirial electronic signature solutions in German language can be downloaded from the organizer’s website:

? Online mediation and arbitration based on trust services – presented at Signature Day 2019 by Ulrich Emmert, esb Rechtsanwälte and Jörg Lenz, Namirial 

? Remote signature simplifies the electronic waste verification procedure eANV – presented at Signature Day 2020 by Alexander Marschall, Business Development & Innovations, Axians eWasteThe Namirial team is looking forward to inspiring discussions on the signature day. We are happy to inform about

  • Success factors of successful signature digitization projects
  • Procedure for legally binding electronic signatures, depending on their application
  • Integrate trusted identification and signer authentication into workflow, both in indirect and in direct contact
  • Integration of trust services into own system landscape
  • Pros and cons to signature services in the cloud

The event is held in German language. 


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