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November 15, 2019

Meet Namirial at Swift Heroes

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Swift Heroes is an international conference bringing together developers, designers and project managers at all levels of experience with the Swift platfom. It is also one of the best networking hubs for the iOS community. Approximately 450 participants are expected to attend this year.

Namirial is appreciating that Swift code is safe by design and writing code is both intuitive and fun.

We are happy to be able to show our commitment to the Swift platform and supporting the Swift developer community in sponsoring Swift Heroes in 2019.

The conference will provide attendees with many ideas and first-class information to implement in their work. Swift Heroes 2019 will be covering essential topics such as: SwiftUI, RxSwift, Swift frameworks, Swift Package Manager, plus testing, design and how to hook users inside own apps.

Event hashtag: #SwiftHeroes #SwiftUnplugged