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March 15, 2022

Meet Namirial at Microsoft’s ISV Solution Days Financial Services

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Microsoft has selected seven Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) for Financial Services to present their solutions, organization and share customer best practices in a 15 minute speed dating format to Microsoft customers. The event will be held in Italian language. 

Namirial CEO Max Pellegrini will be introducing eSignAnyWhere, the leading e-signature workflow orchestration and reporting solution, allowing to prepare documents and send documents for secure, compliant and legally binding signature. It is part of the Namirial Digital Transaction Management solution, available for subscription as shared SaaS, private SaaS and for on-premise deployment. Max will also be highlighting why an increasing number of globally operating organizations prefer the leading European e-signature solution eSignAnyWhere. 

After his presentation Max is available in a Teams session for individual discussion of use cases, features and how to integrate e-signature using eSignAnyWhere into an organization’s business processes.   


About eSignAnyWhere

Namirial eSignAnyWhere is designed to orchestrate and manage signature workflows and let users  legally sign digital documents anytime, anywhere, using any device. It allows handling all signature scenarios both in person and remotely. Users can select among a broad range of methods how they want to enable their signers to create electronic signatures. Use cases supported include even those with most complex scenarios with strict legal requirements such as the need to sign with Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES).

Organizations using Namirial’s eSignAnyWhere have streamlined their customer onboarding and contracting processes, reduced acquisition costs, increased goal achievement, and significantly improved customer satisfaction. This is also made possible thanks to the ease of integration of the platform into any organization, architecture or use case.


eSignAnyWhere Integrations with Microsoft

The eSignAnyWhere electronic signature solution is easily connectable to both Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Office 365. It is possible to:

  • generate recipients based on leads, contacts, accounts (or any other CRM entity);
  • send documents envelopes for signing without leaving the application ;
  • automatically map the workflow data, track and control the signature processes within your CRM;
  • share workflows and manage tasks as a team.


Successful customers 

Happy Namirial customers enjoying eSignAnyWhere benefits include bank, insurances, mobility companies, telcos, legal tech organizations and the Public Administration.


Hashtag of the event: #ISVSolutionDays