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June 25, 2020

Meet Namirial at Future-Law Digital E-Signature Day 2020

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Future-Law is holding the “Digital E-Signature Day” for the first time – an information day for Austrian companies wanting to implement electronic signatures into their processes as soon as possible. The event is addressing decision makers in the departments of law, human resources, sales and everywhere else where conclusive and legally binding declarations of intent are required.

In a series of sessions, lawyers inform providers and users how to sign better quickly without paper. This involves numerous practical questions in detail.

Based on specific, long-term experiences with our customers in Austria and all over the world, Klaus Fellner and Jörg Lenz provide insights into

  • Rapid identification of requirements depending on the application and signature scenarios
  • Answers to challenges from Covid-19
  • Designing the processes – as simple and as possible and as conclusive as necessary
  • Compliance with regulations with the best possible user experience
  • (“Making Simplicity Meeting Compliance”)
  • Our customers’ supplier selection criteria
  • The DNA of successful e-signature projects – know and avoid typical stumbling blocks
  • Formula calculation return on investment – with results from practice

The Namirial team is also available in a virtual exhibition area for individual advice, for example on the use of electronic signatures in contact with people and companies outside Austria.

The organizer FUTURE-LAW is Austria’s leading independent platform for legal tech and digitization in the legal field.

The event is held in German language.

Event hashtags: #ESignaturTag2020 #ESignatureDay2020 #ESignaturTag #FutureLaw #Signaturtag