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October 19, 2022 - October 20, 2022

Meet Namirial at Future Banking Conference

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Future Banking is Romania’s leading annual fintech and digital banking event featuring top speakers from all over Europe. The conference in October will see delegates meeting in person again in Brașov.

Seasoned digital transformation expert Adrian Dinculescu, Managing Director Namirial Romania, will provide a holistic update on best practices in digitizing onboarding and agreement closure processes in omnichannel. He will share best practices on how Namirial customers in Romania and many other European countries improved customer experience, enhanced conversion rates, reduced sales acquisition cost and achieved full compliance based on holistic digital transaction management. 

Remote ID proofing and electronic signatures in the context of the Romanian national legal framework and the EU Regulation 910/2014 on electronic identification and trust services – eIDAS are essential for operational resilience and fraud prevention for both public services and private businesses. 

As a panelist of the conference Adrian will be looking into the impacts of the European Commission’s proposal for a far-reaching revision of the eIDAS Regulation. Technical and legal frameworks are under construction meant to enable  member states to make European Digital Identity Wallets available for citizens.Citizens should be enabled to link their national digital identity with evidence of other personal attributes (e.g. driver’s license, diplomas, bank account, etc.). Adrian will be discussing how to identify future-proof solutions for digital transaction management which already have such upcoming capabilities in mind and can be considered” eIDAS 2.0 ready” 

Connect with Namirial to  discuss about:

  • Best practices in implementing electronic identification and electronic signatures for dematerialization process and/or for offering remote services
  • Compliant digital signature process orchestration (remote identification/KYC for AML but also as a service, GDPR, eIDAS)
  • Best practices for issuing qualified certificates to employees, customers and/or citizens including the usage of ad-hoc qualified electronic signatures

Earlier this year Adrian Dinculescu, shared some insights in the adoption of electronic signatures based on qualified certificates in international markets during Future Banking Digital Scorecard Event. 

  • Romania is in Namirial one of the top 3 markets for electronic signatures based on qualified certificates with a massive increase in usage. 
  • In 2021 Namirial issued more than one million qualified certificates for signatories in Romania.   

? Watch Fireside Chat with Adrian Dinculescu on digitizing the onboarding at Future Banking Digital Scorecard Event – February, 24, 2022 – in Romanian language 

▶️ Fireside Chat with Adrian Dinculescu


? Read Blogpost in Future Banking: “Adrian Dinculescu, Namirial: We have issued over 1 million qualified certificates in 2021”, published March 3, 2022 – in Romanian language 


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