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June 15, 2022

Meet Namirial at Bitkom eIDAS Summit 2022

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The Bitkom eIDAS Summit is one of the most important conferences on practical use of trust services in the private sector and public administration in accordance with EU Regulation 910/2014 on electronic identification and trust services – eIDAS

The 2021 edition brought together more than 1000 active participants. The 2022 edition is expected to set another record in attendance. 

In June 2021, the European Commission presented its proposal for a far-reaching revision of the eIDAS Regulation. Among other things, a legal framework is planned with which the member states are to make a wallet for digital identities available to citizens and companies from 2024 they can link their national digital identity with evidence of other personal attributes (e.g. driver’s license, diplomas, bank account, etc.).

In spring and summer 2022, work on the technical details, standards and best practices for the provision of attributes and functionality of the wallet should be in full swing. The trialogue for the revision of the eIDAS regulation is scheduled for autumn 2022 and the publication of the toolbox is planned. One of the goals is to achieve a neutral, cross-application ecosystem for the interaction of the providers of identification procedures and administrators of digital identities with the established trust services.

The eiDAS Summit 2022 will deal in detail with the legal and associated technical implications as well as very practical questions such as “Which application needs which level of security?”.

Sponsors such as Namirial enable free participation, so that, for example, students who write bachelor’s or master’s theses on the integration of trust services can participate without any problems.

  • Stakeholders will be provided with highly comprehensive update on the state of play of identification services, electronic identities, authentication as well as issuance and usage of certificates to generate electronic signatures and electronic seals 
  • Deep dives will be delivered into legal, technical and organizational requirements 
  • A broad range of workshops will be covering best practices using trust services in various industries including, but not limited to banking, insurance and health 

Together with the Bitkom team, other leading trust services solution providers, solution integrators and pioneering customers the Namirial team is excited to prepare and execute the 6th edition of this unique summit series.

? Watch panel discussion recording (in English) 
▶️ Digital Identity – Learnings and inspirations from EU friends– Christine Balian (FranceConnect) Sylvie Vandevelde (itsme) and Antonio Taurisano (Namirial)
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? Watch project reports by Namirial customers (in German) 
▶️ Human Resources Services – feat. Employment Contracts – presented by Christopher Trenkwalder, Team Manager Backoffice Systems & Digitization, Trenkwalder Group 
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▶️ eHealth: Medication Delivery Service – Online prescriptions using Qualified Electronic Signature – presented by Dr. Helge Plehn, Founder & CTO, 
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▶️ Automotive Retail: Digital Order Processing – Signature processes in electronic records management – presented by Ben Hübner, Managing Director, Kabema Consulting
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