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November 10, 2022

Meet Namirial at the API date event

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API date 2022 is organized by Namirial Partner Intesys, bringing together analysts and IT experts to explore issues related to digital evolution and governance. The event aims at creating advanced digital experiences, promoting the migration of an obsolete IT architecture towards more evolvable models, obtaining the governance and monitoring of complex architectures, based on APIs and microservices and finally discovering the most modern solutions on the Cloud Native and open source front.

During the 4th edition of API date 13 experts will explore the challenges, opportunities and new technologies for companies operating in the complex current market scenario, in 3 different sessions:

  • Business, which will focus on the Digital First paradigm, the Cloud Native approach and ever changing systems;
  • IT Strategy, which will focus on Digital onboarding, Enterprise Service Bus vs microservices, API Maturity & Governance, Service Mesh and log management;
  • Tech, which will focus on API and mobile frontend architectures, Business Process Management, Infrastructure as a Code, API Gateway and Kubernetes.

Andrea Battaglia, Namirial Sales Account Manager, is among the speakers of the IT Strategy session, discussing how Customer Experience is improved with an effective digital onboarding process.


Event hashtag: #APIdate2022