Meet Namirial at Eos Solutions Digital Day

Villa Fenaroli

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The Namirial team welcomes you at its booth at EOS Solutions Digital Day.

Namirial signature workflow experts provide individualized advice on technical and organizational aspects so that customers, vendors and brokers can sign documents legally on any device, anytime, anywhere and how all stations of a customer journey may be addressed, both in direct and indirect contact. Extensive information is also available for the seamless integration of signature workflows into existing system landscapes, applications and processes. This includes interaction with:

  • Virtual Clients, such as Citrix
  • Office solutions, such as Microsoft Outlook and Word
  • CRM solutions, such as Microsoft Dynamics

For the direct customer contact at the point of sale, the integration of suitable hardware for handwritten signature capture (for example via signature pads and signature monitors) is relevant.

Several organizations want to add additional evidence into an in-person signing process.

Some organizations opt to capture biometric features of handwritten signatures in combination with digital certificates (“firma grafometrica”)  for that purpose, primarily banks, insurers and telcos. Namirial has certified numerous smartphones and tablets which record these biometric data in meaningful quality even suitable for automatic comparison of biometric signature data. Namirial experts also provide consultation on suitable hardware at EOS Digital Day.