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Public Key Infrastructure as a Service (PKIaaS) offers all the benefits of a proprietary PKI but without the physical investments and challenges of hosting.

A Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) creates and manages the entire life cycle of digital certificates. Digital certificates are proofs of identification that are issued to natural persons, legal entities or services.

The PKI as a Service (PKIaaS) solution offers you PKI operations using our hardware and software infrastructure, including technology services, business process consulting, procedures, human resources, legal and security. With no direct technology or maintenance costs, you can focus on your business. You get a complete PKI with the latest technology in terms of security, availability, performance, functionalities, services and compliance with regulations and standards.

PKI technology is considered strategic and allows processes to be optimized, ensuring the security of certain sectors such as government or healthcare for a long time. Another traditional scenario for using this technology is in banking or defense, where confidentiality and authenticity of data is particularly sensitive.

The components of the PKI as a Service Solution

Certificate Authority (CA)

You can have your own CA (public or private), with exclusive and personal dedication with digital certificates issued by your organization.

Registration Authority (RA)

A granular and hierarchical service for managing multiple physical or virtual registration offices, allowing you to do digital and personal onboarding and full management of the certification lifecycle, adapting to the needs of each organization.

Validation Authority (VA)

An automated certificate validation service via Certificate Revocation Lists (CRL) and Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP).

Time Stamping Authority (TSA)

A reliable date and time certification service that makes it possible to prove the existence of a digital document at a precise point in time, guaranteeing the integrity of the document itself.

Centralized Certificate Custody Service (CCCS)

Service for centralized backup of all certificates issued by your organization, allowing use from any device connected to the Internet.

Electronic Signature Service (ESS)

A REST API makes it easier for you to quickly and securely use electronic signatures and seals in existing processes or business applications of corporate organizations.

Validation and Verification of Electronic Signatures (VOL)

A REST API for automated verification and validation of electronic signatures, verifying trust in the CA that issues the certificate, the validity of the certificate, and the integrity of the signed information.

Best Reasons to Use PKI as a Service

  • Dedicated PKI environment: Customer dedicated Certificate Authority (CA) with separate logical infrastructure.
  • Comprehensive management of the digital certificate lifecycle: Registration, issuance, revocation, reactivation, revocation and renewal.
  • 24/7/365 monitoring: Constant monitoring of the PKI to ensure its continuity.
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA) with agreed response times.
  • High availability and modular architecture: Redundant infrastructure and geographically separated site for disaster recovery.
  • SaaS PKI enables any organization to benefit from a dedicated and highly customizable PKI, with the flexibility and scalability of the cloud and rapid deployment models that reduce typical deployment times by more than 80%.
  • Granular permissions/delegated administration to define roles and privileges of users, operators and registries (RAs) within your business model.
  • Web application interfaces and REST API to integrate into any process.

Benefits of the Modern PKI as a Service Solution

Latest technology

Guaranteed service continuity

Closed or open PKI

No technological obsolescence

Reduced fixed costs – pay per use

PKI accreditation process

No hosting worries

Fast time to market

Featured Use Cases for PKIaaS


Enables the digital transformation of banking transactions in a secure environment, giving financial institutions autonomy in digitizing high and medium-risk operations.

Success Cases:

5B: The largest network of ATMs in Central America provides centralized, qualified trust services to the banking, telecom, and insurance ecosystem.

ABA: The National Banks Association of the Dominican Republic. The country’s banking ecosystem uses economies of scale to enable digital transformation processes in digital economic environments.


Public administration uses PKIaaS to enable deep cross-sectoral e-government initiatives and to provide various social and economic services to businesses and citizens.

Success Cases:

Central Bank of El Salvador: The central government uses a single institution to promote digital services according to the country’s national digital agenda.

Cayman Islands Government: Based on PKIaaS, the country built its national identification program in which several digital citizen services were designed, implemented and made available to its citizens, based on the use of qualified digital certificates for digital authentication.

Digital Services

Several companies offering various digital services are using PKIaaS to implement qualified trust services in their digital and business services, thereby enhancing their market offering.

Success Cases:

Eclipsoft: The Ecuadorian market leader in SMS delivery, specializing in digital notifications in the banking and telecom sectors, uses PKIaaS to enable its customers a new era of digital transactions with highly customized services for the banking industry.

PBS: Widely known as a multinational provider and leader in the print services market for telcos, banks and utilities, uses PKIaaS to ensure the digital transformation of customers with specific requirements not only in the market for digital signature and time stamping services, but also in the long-term archiving and eInvocing digitization one.

ElectronicID: As one of the main players in Spain for video identification and KYC, the company uses our services to register certificates.

DEH: Leading provider in Spain of solutions to monitor, capture and deliver electronic communications from public administrations to companies in the country. Use of the PKI infrastructure to provide digital certificates for authentication in public administration services.

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