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Namirial Information Technology

Coverage of Namirial solutions in analyst reports

Aragon Report

The Aragon Research Globe™ for Digital Transaction Management, 2020

Evaluation of 19 Digital Transaction Management (DTM) solution vendors around the world over two dimensions: effectiveness in execution of defined DTM strategy plus understanding and strategic intent that are at the forefront of market direction. Each vendor is then placed in one of four sectors: specialists, contenders, innovators or leaders. Namirial has been assigned to the leader category in the 2020 report for fourth consecutive year.


Namirial is profiled in two reports on e-signature in banking and insurance from Celent, member of Oliver Wyman Group: “Transforming the Signature: E-Signature Vendors in Banking” and “Putting a Lock on Straight-Through Processing: Life Insurance E-Signature Vendors”

The content of these reports is partially overlapping. The reports cover areas where e-signatures are having greatest impact, evolution of e-signature technology, improving customer experience using e-signature, common components within e-signature and a comparison of main vendors offering e-signature solutions.

Both reports are accessible to Celent customers as part of their membership.

Forrester Report

The Time for A Digital Signature Is Now

Forrester is covering changing requirements for electronic signature integration and is recommending its clients to strengthen their signature toolkit. Companies that so far relied only on simple e-signatures only must rethink that strategy. While national legislation should indicate which transaction requires which signatures, companies should decide which risk mitigation strategy it prefers to adopt for simplest, higher-value, and higher-risk transactions. Published 4 years after EU Regulation 910/2014 eIDAS went into force, this report is looking into digital signature solutions with a focus on capabilities of qualified trust service providers, including Namirial.

Forrester report

The state of e-signature implementation: twenty-five e-signature use cases show adoption trends

Examination of 25 e-signature deployments around the world – uncovering trends in authentication, implementation, and business results. It provides essential information for enterprise architects on flexible e-signature platform strategies and helps to avoid, inconsistent, and redundant solutions.


Allianz system architect Florian Vondal illustrating how Allianz Group improves agreement signing experiences for all stakeholders – customers, brokers, and their own executives – along the entire customer journey, from acquisition to contracting and servicing.