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Namirial Information Technology

Coverage of Namirial solutions in analyst reports

Aragon Report

The Aragon Research Globe™ for Digital Transaction Management, 2020

Evaluation of 19 Digital Transaction Management (DTM) solution vendors around the world over two dimensions: effectiveness in execution of defined DTM strategy plus understanding and strategic intent that are at the forefront of market direction. Each vendor is then placed in one of four sectors: specialists, contenders, innovators or leaders. Namirial has been assigned to the leader category in the 2020 report for fourth consecutive year.


Namirial is profiled in two reports on e-signature in banking and insurance from Celent, member of Oliver Wyman Group: “Transforming the Signature: E-Signature Vendors in Banking” and “Putting a Lock on Straight-Through Processing: Life Insurance E-Signature Vendors”

The content of these reports is partially overlapping. The reports cover areas where e-signatures are having greatest impact, evolution of e-signature technology, improving customer experience using e-signature, common components within e-signature and a comparison of main vendors offering e-signature solutions.

Both reports are accessible to Celent customers as part of their membership.

Forrester report

The state of e-signature implementation: twenty-five e-signature use cases show adoption trends

Examination of 25 e-signature deployments around the world – uncovering trends in authentication, implementation, and business results. It provides essential information for enterprise architects on flexible e-signature platform strategies and helps to avoid, inconsistent, and redundant solutions.


Allianz system architect Florian Vondal illustrating how Allianz Group improves agreement signing experiences for all stakeholders – customers, brokers, and their own executives – along the entire customer journey, from acquisition to contracting and servicing.