Passwordless Authentication [FIDO2]

The passwordless authentication solution designed to overcome security problems, reduce IT maintenance time and costs, and enable business continuity.

Namirial SafeAccess in Detail

SafeAccess is the Namirial platform for passwordless authentication, designed to guarantee secure access to workstations and applications based on FIDO2 standards and PKI (Public Key Infrastructure).

It’s the simplest solution for cybersecurity, that helps businesses to reduce management costs with a secure, easy and ready-to-use authentication web platform.

The solution consists of five different components that can be integrated individually or with a combined approach.

The Credential Provider is the software application that allows access to workstations within domains using Passwordless authentication and MFA (Multi Factor).

The Credential Management System (CMS) is the tool that manages authentication methods and that also works as an issuing station, managing the life cycle of credentials.

Enterprise SSO reduces access times to web pages (even legacy) and desktop apps thanks to the auto-launch mechanism, which starts and logs in automatically once the user is recognized.

With the „Hylos“ solution you can centrally trace logs, create encrypted and GDPR-compliant archives, develop event reports related to SafeAccess.

The „Wazuh“ solution allows the customization of monitoring rules related to access security and ensures active protection against attacks.

Why choose Namirial SafeAccess

Tailored multi-factor authentication

Each user can choose his preferred tool for double-factor access to workstations: smartphone, badge, FIDO device, smartcard for digital signature or USB token.


It efficiently and effectively collects events of access and use of IT systems in compliance with the GDPR EU 2016/679 privacy regulation, which highlights the need and obligation to track user activities regarding personal data.

Lifecycle Management

System admins can manage the credential lifecycle from the graphical interface.


Several alternatives available to handle any cases of forgotten or lost access devices.

Modular solution

The customer can choose which components to install, ensuring maximum flexibility in all areas and integration in all structures

How does Namirial SafeAccess work?

Maximum adaptability

The Credential Provider allows you to access Windows workstations using Passwordless technology and MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication), choosing which authentication method to adopt between different available modes (apps, badges, tokens) and integrating perfectly with the preferences and habits of the user.

Centralized management

The system is equipped with a tool that manages the life cycle of credentials centrally, through a software that is provided to the system admins to proceed with the issuance of certificates and their management (including suspension, revocation, renewal operations).

Self enrollment

In cases where management does not need to be centralized but distributed and performed autonomously by each user, it is possible to complete device enrollment and credential issuance through a self-enrollment application. There is also a third credential management method, completely transparent to both users and administrators, running in the background according to rules set on Active Directory.

Shared security

The Enterprise Single Sign On system works with web and legacy applications and desktop applications, allowing users to log in with a single strong credential (smart card, token, Active Directory). It includes the automatic management of password change mechanisms coming from applications according to the most stringent policies, and the delegation of credentials without providing the password, allowing to log the access of each individual user even if they use shared credentials.

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